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From hanging tags to loyalty cards, our innovation and experience delivers results.

  • ID Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Hang Tags
  • Magnets

Cards, Tags & Magnets.

Our cards and tags help retain customers and drive repeat business.

Gift, Loyalty, & ID CARDS

At TLF GRAPHICS, we take great pride in the development of cross-functional products. From NFC and RFID technology-driven cards to QR Code product tags, we strive to put your message in front of your customer.


Tags & Cards

Amazing Cards:

  • Translucent Cards & Paper based cards
  • PVC full color print cards
  • Tear off cards
  • Custom die cut-shape and sizes
  • 12mil to 30mil PVC cards
  • Barcoding and Numbering

Applications Uses:

  • Unique business cards
  • Promotional tagging
  • Retail
  • Customer Interaction
  • Media Promotion
  • Discount Specials
  • Variable Data Imprinting
  • Retail and online sales


Hanging tags help brand your product! Hang tags are the next best thing when you can't be there personally to sell your product. Retail hanging tags tell an enormous amount about your product. Whether you're a manufacturer, retailer or distributor, tags speak a thousand words. They are ideal to tie on to gifts with purchase or offer additional information. Convey what's different about your product with hang tags!

Hang Tags

Hang Tags


  • Full-color hang tag can enhance the perception of your product.
  • Ideal for retail or manufactures.
  • Display your product and logo.
  • Highlight your features and benefit
  • Available in any shape or size.


  • Retail Point of Purchase
  • New feature offerings
  • Retail Products
  • Clothing & Merchandise
  • Equipment Sales
  • Sale Items
  • Heavy Equipement
  • Warning Tags

NFC (near field communications) Cards

TLF Graphics' Interactive Print Labs has merged print and mobile technology together. Our NFC cards contain microchips that give your customers a full digital experience from their mobile phone. We like to think of all things having an online digital counter-part to it for expanding your communications beyond the printed surface. The possibilities are endless and the application uses can go as far as the imagination.

We embedded a programmable micro-chip inside the card. When it’s touched to a smartphone or within a short range 10 cm, the NFC chip asks the mobile phone to perform a task. Perhaps view your online portfolio, play media (music or videos), load website, launch apps, or save contact details to your phone. Those are just a small idea of what can be programmed - the possibilities are endless.




  • Bridges the gap between online world and physical word.
  • Tracks, informs and offers 2 way communications.
  • Helps drive sales and increase brand awareness.
  • Offer true 'On-Demand' interaction between you and your customers.

NFC Applications

  • Automative
  • Electronics
  • Medical Equipment
  • Entertainment
  • Publications
  • Sports
  • Promotional
  • Beverage

Vehicle & Refrigerator MAGNETS

Whether your graphic sign magnet is for your car, truck, van or refrigerator, our print technology provides brilliant color quality for whatever design you want printed on your magnets. Our graphic sign magnets are an affordable way to turn your cars and trucks into moving advertisements, or a fun way to dress up your refrigerator doors.




  • Any size and shape.
  • Certified magnet materials.
  • Over laminate protection for outdoor use.
  • Full color UV digital and UV screen printing.


  • Car Doors
  • Van Doors
  • Truck Doors
  • Calendar Magnets
  • Safe-the-Date Magnets
  • Promotional Magnets
Our Process

Our Process.

Your TLF Graphic specialist and team will work with you closely to help you determine the right materials and protective coatings to ensure your sure your tags and cards meet your expectation.

Print Technologies

Our Print Technologies.

We use advanced technologies to assure you of the highest print quality, exact registration and consistent color for each label we print. We utilize UV Flexo printing, UV Screen Printing, and Digital Large Format Printing to deliver superior cards and tags.

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