Kitting Products Together. Fulfillment That Just Makes Sense.

We make your job easier by assisting in fulfillment and distribution of your products to one or multiple locations. From our abilities to warehouse your products, group and kit together on-demand, to printing products on liked-materials, we search for various ways to save you in distribution and printing costs. If your distribution require bundling or kitting, we provide services for both simple and complex programs:

Standard Kitting Assembly. Our professional kitting service eliminates the need for you to separate, group and assemble products going to different locations. We do the necessary grouping and packaging to be sure your kits get to the right locations. When you receive a material kit from TLF Graphics, all components are grouped together accurately for easy production assembly.

Inline-Print Fulfillment If your product has various same material components, we can kit all the parts on the same material, for easy grouping and assembly.

Digital Fufillment. We use digital technology to store and group required art files and variable data together for specialized fulfillment printing, ready for kitting.

Our kitting, fulfillment and distribution services are just a few more reasons why you'll love TLF GRAPHICS. Our goal is to helps you manage effectively your distribution with great flexibility to deliver a wide range of material to specific customer locations. Our solutions ensure we print the right quantities, minimizing obsolescence, and reduce the overall costs of distribution.