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We lead the industry for making State-of-the-Art polycarbonate graphic overlays.

  • Equipment Control Panels
  • Touch Pads
  • Window View Control Panels
  • Keypads

GRAPHIC OVERLAYS. Where function and form meet.

A graphic overlay provides a powerful impression of your equipment and often provides a critical high level of function. We engineer and manufacture custom graphic overlays, keypad overlays, faceplates, and control panel overlays using advanced digital and screen printing, or a combination of both.


At TLF GRAPHICS we manufacture control panel overlay solutions to meet both reliability and stringent design requirements in our state of the art manufacturing facilities. We are proud to be maker of overlay panels that exceed our customers’ expectations. We support a variety of processes and a combination of constructions to deliver quality stunning results. We utilize screen and digital printing technology for subsurface printing along with sophisticated color matching, die cutting,laser cutting, special UV coating and laminating.

With our Indigo digital printing presses and State of The Art Conquest screen printing devices, we can print virtually any graphic that can be designed on just about any substrate. We process-color combinations from 1 to 6 colors with a screen resolutions up to 230 lines per inch to give you an brilliant bright color, fades and gradients that will add stunning visual appeal and clarity to any front panel overlay.

control panel overlay labels

Control Panel Overlays

The Human-Interface Panel:

  • Front Panel Overlays can be created from a wide variety of material such as polycarbonate, polyester, PVC, vinyl, acrylic and even metal.
  • Rapid prototyping for urgent projects or testing.
  • Selective textures and hardcoat finishes: velvet, matte, antiglare, glossy, and anti-bacterial for medical devices.
  • Pillow or rim-embossing for better ergonomics.
  • Wide variety of adhesive strength for hard to stick places.
  • Tight-tolerance die cutting and precise laser cutting for a perfect fit in your product.
  • Transparent and tinted windows for backing for LCD and LED lighting display.

Applications Uses:

  • Industrial Equipment
  • Remote Controls
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Consumer Appliances
  • Hand-held Radio Devices
  • Medical Devices
  • Landscape Equipment
  • Aerospace Dashboards

Domed Labels

TLF Graphics domed labels provide a very attractive, durable way to make your product standout from your competitors. TLF GRAPHICS specializes in short run domed labeling project for quick turn-around times and high quality results.

domed labels

Domed Labels


  • Transform your graphic label into a memorable high-gloss, durable and protective part.
  • Specially formulated polyurethane ensures your domed label is protected from the elements, such as UV light and scratches.
  • For 3D look - we can emboss your label then dome it with a polyurethane drip.
  • Domed labels can be manufactured to accommodate LEDs, mechanical switches or used as a protective window to an underlying LCD.


  • Automative
  • Electronics
  • Medical Equipment
  • Hand-held Devices
  • Lawn & Landscape
  • Sports
  • Aircrafts
  • Water crafts
face-stock material, protective coatings, and adhesives

Our Process.

Your TLF Graphic specialist will work with you closely to help you determine the right face-stock material, protective coatings, and adhesives to ensure your control panels continually fits and perform under the most demanding environments.

lexo printing, UV Screen Printing, and Digital Flat-Bed Printing

Our Print Technologies.

We use advanced technologies to assure you of the highest print quality, exact registration and consistent color for each control panel we make. We utilize UV Flexo printing, UV Screen Printing, and Digital Flat-Bed Printing to deliver superior quality.

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