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Advertising to help promote your merchandise.

  • Retail Signage
  • Custom Shelf Liners
  • Window Decal Displays
  • Wall & Floor Advertising

GRAPHIC SIGNS. Draw attention to your products.

Your product deserves to be noticed. Great design, print quality and construction help gain immediate attention and slam-dunk the sale.

Point of Purchase Displays

Your retail store is your selling tool. When your customers walk through your doors, you have to do everything you can to entice them, and induce them to buy your product. We help you do that by working closely with you to engineer and print the solutions that showcase your brand.

point of purchase signage

Point of Purchase

Sell More Products:

  • Custom constructions
  • Material selection and design consulting
  • Prototyping
  • Short-run and long run productions


  • Hanging Displays
  • Floor Displays
  • G7 Color Accuracy
  • Stock and Release Programs
  • Multiple & Single Constructions
  • Kitting and Fullfillment
  • Product Offerings
  • Custom Produced

HD Acrylic Display Signs

We have the digital printing technology and finishing devices to produce photographic quality results. Our HD clear display signs are perfect for eye-catching marketing at trade booths, product grabbers or office walls. We can add NFC chips and QR Codes to your display sign for a little interactive appeal.

Acrylic Display Signs

HD Display Signs

Massive Impression:

  • Latest advance printing technology for brilliant HD Print Image quality
  • Rapid assembly
  • We use a wide variety of materials depending on use
  • Substrate print process for image scratch resistance
  • Custom shapes and sizes


  • Trade Booths
  • Retail Stores and Offices
  • Special Promotions
  • Attention Grabbers
  • Special Events
  • High Quality Appeal


At TLF Graphics we produce indoor light box graphics with an endless combination of solutions depending on your needs. We can produce small scale backlit or super wide over 12 ft wide. .

Backlit signs

Backlit Signs


  • Diffuses light evenly while maintaining rich, vibrant, full color
  • Interchangeable backlit film, or permanent adhesive-back
  • Optical grade materials
  • High resolution printing


  • Indoor or out brilliant color signs
  • Interchangeable promotional signage
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Retail Stores
  • Community Centers
  • Airports
  • Schools


Fabric is wonderful. It provides a whole new "look and feel" that is soft and touchable. It helps set a tone of quality with a super high-end finish, and you can use it to create a variety of effects. Its perfect for things like trade shows, retail stores and stadium signage. Because fabric stretches to look solid when you want it to, or suspends from a ceiling for a gentle wavy effect, its a superb alternative for print world advertising.

Printed Fabrics

Fabrics Printing

HD Quality Fabric Printing:

  • Non-reflective
  • Backlit backgrounds
  • Various fabric options from spandex to canvas
  • Ink is permanently printed into the material

Awesome Printing

Canvas Printing

HD Quality Canvas Printing:

  • Artist quality wrapped canvas
  • Full edge to edge printing
  • Multiple sizes and shapes


Enhance your brand message by taking advantage of floor space for your advertising. Floor graphics provide an incredible optical illusions or method to inform customers.

Floor Graphics

Floor Graphics

Incredible Effects:

  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Realistic imagery for impressive promotional marketing
  • Convert ordinary floors, sidewalk, stairs into extraordinary effective marketing


  • Various materials depending on floor type
  • Non-slip materials
  • Medical Equipment
  • Permeant or removable
  • Apply to concrete
  • Apply to brick
  • Apply to tile
  • Apply to asphalt


Take advantage of valuable window display space. Promote a product or create a branding experience, window graphics help to an effectively way to communicate.

Window Graphics

Window Graphics

Amazing Window Graphics:

  • Perforated film to see out but not in
  • Low tac adhesive materials
  • Temperature and UV protected
  • Light diffusing vinyl materials


  • Marketings
  • Brand experience
  • Enhance store environment
  • Create a scenery atmosphere
  • Wide format Printing
  • Generate Brand Exposure


Revitalize your wall space by delivering a powerful branding messages. Walls are a perfect means to communicate meaningful, creative, and engaging messages in a fun way.

Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics

Engaging Wall Graphics:

  • Digital Printed
  • HD Quality for vibrant color combinations
  • No residue removable materials
  • Custom sizes and shapes


  • Removable and Re-useable
  • Apply to various wall materials
  • Heavy duty vinyls
  • Easy installation
  • Wide format
  • short-run productions


TLF Graphics offers numerous counter mat displays in various custom shapes and sizes. Counter mats are an ideal product to target market at point of purchase, provide information to a customer waiting for service, or a very engaging way to promote your store's brand.

Counter Mats

Counter Mats

Durable Counter Mats:

  • High Resolution Printing
  • 2 Part Constructions
  • Subsurface printing to protect image from scratches
  • Non-slip rubber grip back

Typical Application Uses

  • Generate Brand Awareness
  • Increase point of purchase sales
  • Inform Customers
  • Entertain Customers


TLF GRAPHICS vinyl Lettering is made from high performance PVC film for excellent durability with special low tac adhesive. Our finishing department specializes in weeding vinyl cut parts so all you need to do is place it and remove outer film for perfect placement. Excellent for both automotive and interior wall lettering. Easy to apply on all walls... even textured. Be creative and add personality to your vehicle or home wall adding charm and style.

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl Cut Lettering

Perfect Vinyl Cut Letters:

  • Digital or screen printed
  • Various material selections based on application and use

Typical Application Uses

  • Outdoor use
  • Interior use
  • Low tac options
  • Permeant adhesive options
  • Custom Die finishes


We offer advance banner printing services for small and large runs. No quantity is too small or too large. We carry a large variety of banner materials so your banners will stand up against any conditions. They come with a variety of stands, hangers and wall mounting options, so you can place them almost anywhere. Use them to deliver a consistent branding message in all kinds of applications, or create unique signage options that are guaranteed to get attention.



High Quality Banners:

  • Weather resistant
  • Design based on use
  • Super wide formats and narrow web formats
  • Finished for stands, hangers, wall mounts and more


  • Stitching options
  • Single sided
  • Double sided
  • Digitally printed
  • Indoor and Outdoor materials
  • Available in various sizes, styles and materials
  • Stands and hardware options
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